Smart Home Automation – Understanding How it Works?

Often called smart home technology, home automation refers to the use of technology for controlling the electronic devices in your home. Thanks to smart home automation, you can control almost every area of your home through the internet of things (IoT).

It all began with the introduction of the thermostat, but has now become one of the fastest growing and biggest markets in technology. The potential of smart home automation has grown over the years, as it can be used for controlling appliances, ensuring home security, monitoring energy usage, for looking after the disabled or the elderly, as a personal assistant and lots more.

How does it work?

Smart home automation works through a network of devices that use different communication protocols for connecting to the internet, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and more.

Central Control

One type of smart home automation is central control in which one system is used for controlling everything. This means that you can use a single source for controlling your thermostat, lights, phone, washer, sprinklers, curtains, dryer and others. It is commonly used in upscale private residences and businesses.

These systems usually operate through a wall mounted terminal, similar to what is used for home security systems. You can also access it through a smartphone, remote control device, computer or tablet.

It is quite convenient because it allows you to control everything, whether it is your gas, or shower, from one place.

App Based

These days, smart home technology is now app-based that utilizes the home network for communicating with the cloud. App-based smart home automation enables you to control your devices in real-time, whether you want to close your drapes, or open your garage door. You can also use the app for setting schedules and customizing device settings.

For instance, you can schedule your air-conditioner to switch on an hour before you arrive from work, or the coffee maker to turn on in the morning. This offers plenty of convenience and allows you to increase energy efficiency.

The Benefits

There is no doubt that smart home automation can offer a ton of benefits to people. First off, it gives you remote access, which means that you can control different areas of your home from anywhere. The comfort you can enjoy is also undeniable because you do not need to get up to turn off the light in the bathroom, or wonder if you left the TV on.

Another great benefit that smart home automation offers is energy efficiency. No energy is going to be wasted because you can turn devices on and off when needed. You can save lots of time and effort and also benefit from safety because you can use sensors for windows and doors and other security products.

These days, smart home automation is no longer limited to a handful of devices. The technology has advanced significantly and you can now automate every area of your home. You can have smart kitchen appliances like dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators and trash cans. There are smart robot vacuums, smart lights and plugs, smart speakers and plenty more.